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Customer satisfaction surveys (and employee surveys) are a great way to understand the customer experience. It’s not the whole ‘experience’ picture, but love them or hate them, they are a good place to start! Some of the common benefits survey results can be used for: Testimonials: free text & statistics gathered eg: “90% of customers say xxxx”. Social media content Marketing content – incl identifying your USP, why do customers prefer you over competitors? Identifying areas of improvement within your business Cost saving – are you providing a service that customers don’t care for? Remove it! So you want to know what your customers think about your product or service? Excellent! A greatRead More →

To a good many of us, GDPR seems like a spectre of doom looming over the horizon. A burden on our businesses that we’ll all have to deal with between now and May 2018. So you may find it surprising when we tell you it is, in fact, a marketing opportunity. If we’re honest about it, a good number of us could make improvements to our marketing databases. Do we know who we even have in them? How they ended up in there and what is their attitude towards us? With almost ⅔ of businesses surveyed by Hubspot last year quoting traffic and lead generationRead More →

Did you know? 91% of dissatisfied customers never complain; they simply go elsewhere (i) 84% of businesses working to improve customer experience report an increase in revenue 72% tell an average of 6 others about their positive experience (iii) Yet most small businesses, from starting out to scaling up, don’t realise how implementing some small changes can have such a positive effect on their business.  Differentiating themselves from the competition, building an enviable reputation as the best in their field, utilising how captivated customers feel about their positive experiences, gaining new customers through the most effective attraction/conversion approach there is! ClarityCX brings practical solutions, designed specifically for small business, toRead More →