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Ways to Use Testimonials Effectively

Implementing regular ways to use testimonials effectively can be a simple, yet really beneficial marketing approach for any size business. Customer testimonials have an 89% effectiveness rating as the most effective form of marketing content (SocialFresh) 97% of B2B buyers feel that user-generated content like consumer reviews are more credible than other types of content (ThisMoment) Testimonials can be captured as part of your regular customer or client survey, ad-hoc personal requests, or maybe you receive them in an unsolicited way (the best ones!) The key is to keep testimonials regularly updated and out there for your prospective clients to see. Here’s some ideas: Post on yourRead More →

A Great Customer Experience (often mistaken as customer service) is every interaction, touchpoint and feeling generated by the client or consumer of a business. Remember, this starts before you even know they are a customer!  Your website, reviews, word of mouth, social media, adverts etc etc. Opinions (and feelings) are being formed of what you do and how you do it. Customer service is defined as “the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services (a small fraction of the whole experience).  If you get the experience right there is arguably little or no requirementRead More →

Customer Survey Software – there are loads! Google it and you get pages and pages of your potential options. They are used by all business sectors to gather information from pretty much any group – customers (both new and past), employees, suppliers. Here are just a few of the choices out there: SurveyMonkey / Typeform / AskNicely / Survey Sparrow / Zoho Survey / Quick TapSurvey / Survey Gizmo / Smart Survey / Qualtrics / Google Forms (sort of!) The majority of survey software will all offer survey creation, distribution options, reporting and analytics. For most small-medium businesses, this is all that will be required.Read More →

I’m often asked “What are good customer survey questions?” The answer to this is that “it depends!” Now, I’m not trying to be awkward or difficult here, but the questions you ask will depend entirely upon the specific information you want to know from your specific customers and what you intend to do with this new found knowledge. This is why replicating what you see someone else sending out it not a good idea! You may find my previous blog How to Write a Customer Survey useful to read first. HOWEVER, there is 1 customer survey question that I recommend everyone uses – in someRead More →

You’ve been tasked with creating a new customer survey, one of two things generally happens: A blank page (or screen) is staring at you OR you’ve written a thousand questions – and you know no-one is going to fill that out! Aaargh! Take a breath, and go back to the beginning. What was the reason for creating the survey? (If it’s because everyone else seems to do it, you need to take a step further back and understand how YOU will benefit from it). If you really don’t know and are just trying to establish if your customer are satisfied – STOP!!! Change that objectiveRead More →

Customer Experience

There’s a simple reason that all the big brands invest and conduct research and development into customer experience…..increased sales! The feel-good factor of receiving great feedback after a great business interaction is the cherry on top of the cake, the warm and fuzzy feeling that you’re doing a good job – but it’s the sales that keep us in business – and that’s essential – it’s not just to ‘be nice’. A continuous pulse check of what consumers are liking, not liking and most importantly what encourages them to be loyal and continuous customers is as essential to any business as being able to receiveRead More →

Customer Surveys

We’re all too familiar with the standard ‘satisfaction style’ customer surveys that clog up our inbox asking us to rate a product, rate an agents performance, tell us how we did” etc etc ……and whilst when these first appeared we may have completed a few – and perhaps still do the odd one now – the majority of us are guilty of not even bothering to open them any more – they just head directly into that little bin icon! So how can small businesses compete if the big brands are struggling to get responses from their millions of customers? Well, there sits the key.Read More →

“Customer Satisfaction” – a well-known term in the business world – I don’t like it!  An odd thing to say from a Customer Experience Specialist?  Well, what is a satisfied customer?  The dictionary definition of satisfied is: Contented / Pleased.   A satisfied customer is one where a business has: Delivered what the customer expected In the expected time frame Charged them correctly / straightforward payment process This might actually be the goal of many businesses, but for all of us as consumers it is the basic expectation of what a company should do.  As a purchaser, from the minute I decide to part with my money onRead More →

Customer satisfaction surveys (and employee surveys) are a great way to understand the customer experience. It’s not the whole ‘experience’ picture, but love them or hate them, they are a good place to start! Some of the common benefits survey results can be used for: Testimonials: free text & statistics gathered eg: “90% of customers say xxxx”. Social media content Marketing content – incl identifying your USP, why do customers prefer you over competitors? Identifying areas of improvement within your business Cost saving – are you providing a service that customers don’t care for? Remove it! So you want to know what your customers think about your product or service? Excellent! A greatRead More →

To a good many of us, GDPR seems like a spectre of doom looming over the horizon. A burden on our businesses that we’ll all have to deal with between now and May 2018. So you may find it surprising when we tell you it is, in fact, a marketing opportunity. If we’re honest about it, a good number of us could make improvements to our marketing databases. Do we know who we even have in them? How they ended up in there and what is their attitude towards us? With almost ⅔ of businesses surveyed by Hubspot last year quoting traffic and lead generationRead More →