Celebrating Disability

Celebrating Disability and ClarityCX are the perfect partners, and when they first met, Teresa and Esi quickly realised that many of the solutions, advice and support they provide to businesses had huge similarities.  Recognising that working together would enable business owners to stand out from the crowd and positively differentiate themselves from their competition, they combined their knowledge and expertise to enable clients to benefit from 2 business opportunities within one combined service offering.


Celebrating Disablity, partnering with ClarityCX

Esi set up Celebrating Disability in 2017; offering training, consulting and auditing to support businesses attract, engage and retain disabled people.  Having the opportunity to support businesses to see the wealth of benefits that disabled people can bring to business, either as customers or employees is a privilege. She is passionate about disability equality and inclusion and loves nothing more than that “Ah ha” moment with a client when they see what disability equality and inclusion can do for them.

As a physically disabled person, Esi is able to use lived experience of disability to inform any support, advice and guidance offered to clients. This, coupled with the wealth of experience as a professional in the public and private sector, ensures that any outcomes are meaningful for everyone.



Take a look at our Inclusive Customer Experience Audit or get in touch to discuss training and consultancy options to enable your business to stand out with a guaranteed great (and inclusive) customer experience.