Employee Assessments & Surveys

Employees are the number 1 customer of any business.  Investing in training, developing and ultimately retaining your employees is fundamental to a successful business.

But what is the most effective training?

What are the skills gaps in my (or my client’s) business?

What if they are resistant [“I’m too busy”] to attend training?

Where to start?

L&D and HR Managers (in house and outsourced) will know that developing the ‘soft skills’ of a team is an essential, and ultimately, a big cost saving activity.  But it can sometimes be hard to demonstrate the value to get the all important ‘go ahead’.


Let’s put this in black and white.  In numbers that can’t be argued with, and how about engaging the employees as part of the process, so they are eager for the training that will be offered?

All ClarityCX employee assessments are bespoke.  No employee is the same.  No business is the same, so a ‘cookie-cutter’ assessment is unlikely to be a perfect fit either!

Working in conjunction with HR or L&D specialists (yours or our own) we develop the assessment that will identify what development or training each individual employee needs

(Example Summary Results)

(Example Assessment)

(Example Individual Results)


ClarityCX manages all the design, branded build, hosting, distribution and reporting of assessments.  So all you have to do is identify what you want to assess, and then await the detailed outputs.

In addition to the summary results, each individual employee will also receive their own personalised assessment result.  This is a key tool in engaging employees in understanding their own strengths and development areas.

These assessments are a game changing door opener for me with new clients.  A lower cost first step, it enables them to sample my services and receive something visible and practical, whilst simultaneously identifying their internal development areas....... and guess who can help them resolve those new challenges.  An easy option that leads to a series of repeat business.......brilliant!



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