OMBEA Insights

What is OMBEA Insights?

OMBEA Insights is a customer and employee feedback system.  It displays live feedback on people’s opinions as they go about their daily lives.

OMBEA Insights 1

It is the perfect solution for collecting customer and employee feedback as they pass through your reception, venue or retail outlet.  Questions can be easily changed as frequently as you would like, use smiley buttons, multiple choice answers or custom images to suit your needs.  Whether 1 ExpressPod or multiple, you’ll benefit from an ongoing stream of feedback, neatly summarised by location and time.


How is it used?

Use OMBEA Insights to collect an ongoing stream of fast and frequent feedback from Customers, Employees, or both as they pass through your key locations.  The feedback is summarised by hour, day, month and year.  It is distilled down to a single KPI such as NPS or eNPS, that is simple to understand and easy to follow.

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