OMBEA Response

What is OMBEA Response?

OMBEA ResponseOMBEA Response is an ‘audience response system’. It displays live feedback on people’s opinions and knowledge during a presentation.

Use OMBEA to engage people, measure feedback, train staff, conduct focus-groups, and vote in general assemblies. They assess students, track attainment, and elicit opinions in interactive conferences by collecting live feedback.


OMBEA Response 2

Integrate the feedback directly into your Microsoft Powerpoint presentation in real time to create discussion and a more interactive experience for participants.


Responses can be gathered via OMBEA ResponsePad or download the OMBEA ResponseApp and collect feedback and opinon via phones.


OMBEA Response 4 OMBEA Response 5 OMBEA Response 1 OMBEA Response 3

Who uses OMBEA Response?
  • Educators
  • Businesses
  • Government Organisations
  • Non-Profits

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