Team Workshops

Empowering your team to feel passionate and innovative about delivering a great experience to all your customers can sometimes be challenging, often because it’s hard to know where to start!

ClarityCX Team Workshops are designed to support small business in their journey to create a truly customer centric culture.

What do the workshops entail?

We know that within a small business many team members are covering a range of roles, they don’t have the capacity to take on new projects and activities.  This is why our workshops are specifically designed to identify an approach that is both practical and empowering for participants.

After discussing your business and ambitions we’ll create an individual or series of sessions that will:

Team Workshop to improve your customer experience

  • Create a new level of understanding within the team (a great experience and the increased business it generates is more than customer service!)
  • Facilitate the team to identify what changes can be implemented without impacting their usual everyday responsibilities
  • Generate a combined plan of activity and change with a common goal and key metrics to measure improvement

We recommend that working sessions are part of a quarterly training activity.  Each session will build upon the one before and celebrate the successes achieved.

As an example: Based upon a team of 8 – each workshop could identify 2 small actions each team member wants to implement over the next 3 months.  In a year that’s 64 improvements that could be achieved, without impacting daily activities and improving the employee experience too!

What sort of improvements?

We look at the specific customer journey for your business, so it is unique for everyone, but typically will focus upon:

Improvement via a Team Workshops

  • How can we encourage customers to refer new business?
  • How can we be known as the best?
  • Where can communication be improved?
  • How could handoffs between team members avoid potential errors or customer confusion?
  • How can we remove or improve the handling of customer queries?
  • How can internal processes be improved?
  • How can we understand customers better to anticipate their needs?
  • How can we exceed customer expectations?


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