Training and Workshop Feedback

Are you a training provider and noticing the increasing number of competitors in your industry?

Admin time is constantly increasing?

Would you like a way to both reduce admin time and provide additional value to your business clients?

A value add service that makes you stand out from the competition?

Importantly, would you like to achieve this in a way that is easily charged out so doesn’t impact your bottom line?

Would it be good to get it in place quickly, without fuss or months of planning?

How can we help?

Firstly, removing the administration and time involved in using paper forms.  The ClarityCX approach will move your feedback collection to an online option.  You can use it once or 1000+ times a year, our hosting is free for life.

Worried people wont respond if they don’t have the paper form on the day?

It’s a common fear.  Often created from when attendees have previously left with a paper form (never to be seen again!)  Or an online option has been unsuccessfully trialled in the past.

Getting feedback is all about the deployment, positioning, timing and simplicity.  The ClarityCX approach considers all these factors and our online workshop feedback service sees a typical response rate of 85-100%.

The added benefit – what do you get?

How easy would it be for you to provide details to a prospective client who asked to see the summary of your last 5 workshops on a specific topic?

Or during a review of your own training services, which of your facilitators is getting the best (or worst!) feedback?

In addition to removing the administration of form printing / distributing / scanning / typing up etc etc, within 7 days of the event you will receive:

  • Individual responses (just like a completed paper sheet)
  • Consolidated responses (all the feedback consolidated eg:  89% said XYZ
  • Summary Report – designed to share with end clients, this fully branded and customised document gives a professional summary of the training delivered, enabling you to share the value of your services through the voice of your attendees
  • Master Dashboard – a consolidated view of all your previous Customer Survey Results - Interpretationworkshops/training.  Easily filter by client / facilitator / date / question to generate key information for your internal reviews, client reviews, marketing and prospective customer materials.

Operated a ‘pay as you go’ approach, once your survey (all branded with your company logo and colours of course), is set up you simply pay for each event.

This approach enables training providers to easily cost out our support services as part of event overheads and not impact their bottom line.

(Dependent upon volume) services start from around £70 per workshop.  The added value you will be able to provide to clients (not to mention the administration time saving), really ensures this is a game changer!

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