Team Workshop to improve your customer experience

Whether you're measuring your starting point, tracking improvements or or simply want to check in with how things are going, feedback from employees and customers is essential insight.

But you need to make that easy.  Easy for them and easy for you!

That's where ClarityCX helps:  Keep it simple, meaningful and relevant.  Giving you the knowledge to move forward with confidence.

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My passion and expertise lies in modernising and improving the way people request and (most importantly) use the feedback they capture from employees, customers or workshop attendees.

Through ClarityCX, I provide bespoke surveys and employee assessment services for a range of client industries, specialising in the HR, L&D and Training sectors.

Having previously worked in organisations such as the NHS and Vodafone, I can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in implementing and managing operational improvements and customer/employee focussed solutions and measurements.

My favourite things clients say about working with me?   “Fun”, “down to earth”, “I know you’ll be honest with me”, “I can’t believe you’ve done that so quickly, I’ve been trying for days!”

Teresa Gandy

Teresa Gandy



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As well as being knowledgeable, wholly professional, efficient and totally on it, she’s also fun and keeps a cool head under pressure.
Teresa has done all the heavy lifting and left the fun parts [of the assessment] to me!

Liz Evenden
The Business Speakeasy

Working with her is straightforward, fun and she makes every step in the process easy to do. Her expertise is evident in every conversation that you have and she has added so much additional value to me personally whilst we have been working on projects.

Helen Joy
ANPR Consulting

You are one of the best business decisions I’ve made in some time!!

Melanie Meads
Q1Care Ltd

Teresa from ClarityCX is fantastic, great value and a great service.

Nathan Butler-Broad, Headteacher
Battle Primary Academy

Teresa quickly understood the information we wanted to gain, advised clearly on the structure and format of questions and most critically, facilitated the feedback process to ensure the information was of value and enabled us to make improvements.

Camilla Woodrow, Chair of Governors
Spurcroft Primary School

I can now implement an electronic survey that will allow me to easily produce statistics that can be used on my website, social media and promotional literature along with helping me to get more constructive feedback from my delegates

Rachel Tombs

I thought I knew what I wanted in a survey but Teresa was brilliant at seeing all other aspects of what we needed to look at and came up with questions we hadn’t thought about

Sara Jackson
Elmbank Mortgage Services

The delivery was excellent and every step of the way support and guidance in putting together the survey was there.

Nina Panesar-Woods
Sansaar Yoga & Ayurveda Wellness

I highly recommend Teresa from ClarityCX, she has recently carried out some work for my business and the client service has been exceptional and the attention to detail brilliant!

Polly Thatcher
Marketing Madness

You understood completely the goal we were trying to achieve and made things very straight forward to plan, deploy and obtain results in a very short time frame.

Emily Wells - Business Development Manager

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