Ways to Use Testimonials Effectively

Ways to Use Testimonials Effectively

Implementing regular ways to use testimonials effectively can be a simple, yet really beneficial marketing approach for any size business.

Customer testimonials have an 89% effectiveness rating as the most effective form of marketing content (SocialFresh)

97% of B2B buyers feel that user-generated content like consumer reviews are more credible than other types of content (ThisMoment)

Testimonials can be captured as part of your regular customer or client survey, ad-hoc personal requests, or maybe you receive them in an unsolicited way (the best ones!)

The key is to keep testimonials regularly updated and out there for your prospective clients to see.

Here’s some ideas:

Post on your website. Don’t hide them away, add in prominent positions (your most viewed pages) with relevant testimonials on each of your site pages.

Create social media content. Thank, and where possible tag, your clients for their feedback with a simple graphic and their quote (or part thereof). Canva is a good feebie site to create these. Doing this regularly across all platforms gains good interaction on social media as well as increasing your brand reputation.

Email Marketing. Whatever you send to your list, be it a newsletter, offers or other, adding in testimonials helps to establish trust amongst your followers.

Email Signature. Put a great quote in your signature sign off and it gets a lot of visibility. Change it weekly, monthly or even daily if you have a large customer base to keep it fresh

Sales Packs & Promotional Materials. If you want to incorporate effective content marketing, it’s here! Keep it relevant to the rest of the content, testimonials that explain how you overcame a customers doubt or problem are really effective, so save those ones for here.

Case Studies, Award Applications, Presentations. Anything that someone reads about your business will benefit from having customer feedback incorporated.

On your office wall. Whether this is a premises that clients visit, or even your home office, remind yourself (and others) of the great work and experience you delivered for your customers.

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