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The important HR element SMEs are overlooking right now

Whether furlough or work at home, there has been an overload of information, new policies, processes, technology[…]


The Easy Way to Add More Value to Training Needs Assessments

The business benefits of conducting Training Needs Assessments or Analysis (TNA) are predominantly to identify knowledge and[…]

Online Feedback

Why your online feedback isn’t getting many responses and how to fix it!

Moving to online feedback!  I’ve heard it more than once when discussing ditching the paper……. “I’ve tried[…]

Attendee Feedback

Attendee Feedback: How Important is a 100% Response Rate?

Training facilitators can sometimes become a little fixated on ensuring they capture attendee feedback from all of[…]

Measure the Benefits of Team Building Activity Days

How to measure the business benefits of team building days

Chances are that if you’ve ever worked as part of a team, you will have attended a[…]

Happy Sheets

Happy Sheets? It’s time to Ditch the Paper Forms!

Happy sheets, evaluation forms, feedback forms, whatever you wish to call them, their purpose is clear.  To[…]

Workshop Feedback

Getting workshop feedback without trapping attendees in the room!

It’s a common fear – I’ll never get the workshop feedback if I let them leave the[…]

Name in Customer Survey

Should I ask for a name in my customer survey?

“Should I ask for a name in my customer survey?” is something I get asked a lot[…]


Why great customer service cannot rectify a poor experience!

Great customer service promises and guarantees are something we see a lot from consumer businesses. Is customer[…]

Workshop Feedback Forms

No More Workshop Feedback Forms!!!!

Workshop Feedback Forms!! We’ve all been there, you’ve taken the day out to attend some valuable new[…]


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