The Easy Way to Add More Value to Training Needs Assessments

The business benefits of conducting Training Needs Assessments or Analysis (TNA) are predominantly to identify knowledge and skills gaps. 

Addressing these gaps will increase productivity and effectiveness of teams and the business as a whole.  It also helps HR Teams or Training Providers to plan and design the most needed and beneficial training solutions.

The Norm:

Training Needs Assessments are designed, structured, distributed and analysed.  The result being an overarching view of the needs of that specific business or group of employees.

The HR Team / Training Provider etc then go to work on designing the best approach to meet these needs.

What’s often missed:

Bringing the employees along on that journey!

More often than not, when an employee completes a Training Needs Assessment, the next information they receive is notification of upcoming training solutions.

Adding extra value:

For a number of my clients, in addition to supporting with the build, design, scoring, distributing and reporting of their Training Needs Assessments, the employees also receive their own individual assessment report.

A document that enables them to discuss their personal strengths and development areas with their manager.

A tool that gives them an action plan of how to improve this year.

A personalised Training Needs Assessment output that starts them thinking in advance of what training they want or need to attend.

Something that makes them feel more of an individual!

What they say:

“Thank you so much, I’ve never had a report like this, it’s really useful”

“I now know exactly what training I need, and am looking forward to attending”

“At last, completing one of these is more than just a ‘tick box’ exercise!”

A simple addition to a Training Needs Assessment (with data that is already collected).  Improving the employee understanding and benefits of the assessment they took and the subsequent training being offered by the business.

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