Getting workshop feedback without trapping attendees in the room!

Workshop Feedback

It’s a common fear – I’ll never get the workshop feedback if I let them leave the room before completing it!

Don’t worry – it’s not as hard as you think!

What’s wrong with this approach?

You want to ensure that attendees leave on a high, ‘trapping’ them to fill out a form (with the feeling of being watched, and often brain overloaded from the day) is not going to get you quality feedback or a thank you!

What do to instead:

Paper forms are fiddly and require you to spend time printing / scanning / typing up results etc etc – they’re really not the facilitators friend either!  Electronic workshop feedback forms remove all of these issues – good survey software has a variety of reporting and analytical options at the touch of a button! 

The additional benefit of electronic workshop feedback forms is the ease of use for the attendees (no need to post or scan that form back to you!)  Ensure they have received it by the end of the session so you can draw their attention to it whilst in the room. 

Give a deadline to complete and send a couple follow up reminders to those who haven’t responded (no need to pester those that already have!)  Again, good survey software makes this an easy and quick process.

Why does this work?

It’s easy and low effort!

Attendees still have the choice to complete then and there in the room, if that is their personality preference. 

They are reminded to do it when back at their desk, perfect for those who prefer to digest or rest their brain before sharing feedback (or simply needed to leave quickly!)

It’s convenient – just pick up their phone and spend 90 seconds whilst on a train/bus or watching TV!

The reason paper forms don’t make their way back to you after an event is purely down to the effort factor.  They have every intention of doing so, but it’s just a bit too much of a faff! When you remove this and make it easy, easy, easy you’ll find feedback will still be coming in 2, 3, 5+ days after the event. 

How many respond?

For ClarityCX clients, who have outsourced their workshop feedback activity to us, we have a 70% – 100% response rate, with a typical workshop seeing an average of 85% responses.

Time for a change?

No longer do you need to trap attendees in their seats, or hear the groan when ‘that form’ is handed out.  End your workshop on a high and improve your insight, analytics and admin time too.

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