Happy Sheets? It’s time to Ditch the Paper Forms!

Happy Sheets

Happy sheets, evaluation forms, feedback forms, whatever you wish to call them, their purpose is clear.  To gain feedback from attendees at a workshop or event.

A lot of insight can be gained from a well written happy sheet.  The feedback can be used to both improve training and supply evidence demonstrating the value of training to the bottom line.

Donald Kirkpatrick defined 4 levels of training course evaluation in the 1950’s:

Other experts within the field have also suggested an addition:

Level 5: Return on Investment (ROI).  Administrate provide a detailed breakdown on this: Here

Happy Sheets don’t generate happiness:

Flash alert!  Happy sheets do not make the attendees happy! If we’re honest, no-one likes to receive a paper form to complete at the end of the day.  A paper form at any time really!  

60 years after Kirkpatrick defined his model many trainers are still using the pen and paper approach.

Happy sheet data is vital – the administration of capturing it all in one (easy to analyse) place – not so fun! It’s time that the facilitator or administrator could be spending on other tasks.  

Many training companies are failing to use the information they gather in happy sheets. 

Most will read, scan for issues or big ticket items and then file away.

Online surveys provide the answer to this, although many fear if attendees leave the room they will not get the feedback! 

But this isn’t the case if an online approach is adopted with a solid strategy. 

When you capture feedback online, it also makes it easier to capture more feedback after a period of time.  This also supports Levels 3, 4 and 5 of best practice, and valuable marketing material for prospective new clients!

Use a tried and tested strategy!

The training providers using the ‘Online Happy Sheet’ strategy developed by ClarityCX typically see:

  • A response rate of 85%-100%.
  • Zero admin for the facilitator.
  • Data that can be filtered/combined/presented/analysed at the touch of a button.
  • Feedback with more considered and detailed content from attendees.
  • An EASY approach for the attendees, which keeps them happy!

When it’s time to improve your happy sheet approach, get in touch to find out how our strategy can benefit your future training evaluations: Teresa@ClarityCX.co.uk

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