What is the best survey software for small business?

Customer Survey Software – there are loads! Google it and you get pages and pages of your potential options. They are used by all business sectors to gather information from pretty much any group – customers (both new and past), employees, suppliers. Here are just a few of the choices out there:

SurveyMonkey / Typeform / AskNicely / Survey Sparrow / Zoho Survey / Quick TapSurvey / Survey Gizmo / Smart Survey / Qualtrics / Google Forms (sort of!)

The majority of survey software will all offer survey creation, distribution options, reporting and analytics. For most small-medium businesses, this is all that will be required. Your decision may be factored upon which tools can easily integrate into your existing internal systems, although a certain level of integration can be achieved with all through the use of a URL link for example.

Is Survey Software free to use?

Mistakes are often made by purely looking at price. If it’s free, there’s a reason! Generally this will be because:

  • you don’t have the option to personalise your survey with your own brand colours and style (which you should always do for any customer  communication)
  • you are limited on the number of surveys you can send (requires an upgrade to the paid version which may be a waste of money for the amount of use you get from it)
  • you are limited on the reporting / analytics (there’s not much point gathering the data if you can’t get the outputs in the way your business needs!)

The free options are of course a ‘teaser’, to get you to use the survey software and entice you into the paid solution. If you’ve conducted informed research and decided this looked like the best option, nothing wrong with a free test drive, but make sure you have done your research.

What to research?

This starts with your strategy (see my previous blog on this). How are you going to be using the results? Who are you sending to? How often? How will you deploy? What objective will it help you achieve?

The starting point often grows and changes as you learn more, so it’s worth thinking about what your future requirements might be eg: “We only want to survey new customers now”, but in the future you might want to gain insight from employees, suppliers, a segment of a customer group. Or, “We only need to know the answer to a couple of questions”, however this could unearth something deeper that you want to explore – perhaps you only want to ask some questions to certain customer types (filtering questions by answers to previous questions functionality).

You will also want to look at how each different survey software presents results.  How much customisation of this can you achieve, filtering by dates, response types, specific answers to certain questions, comparison of results against your segmentation questions.

ClarityCX tool of choice is SurveyMonkey as it offers the most flexibility for the range of business sectors and varying requirements of our clients, the subscription fees reflect that functionality, so it might not be the best for all (if you are taking that route, feel free to use the ClarityCX discount which will get you 10% off any annual subscription: ClarityCX Discount Link)

Another Way?

Outsource! Let someone else worry about the right questions, branding, subscription cost, functionality, reporting and analytics whilst you focus on how to make the most of the results, take a look at ClarityCX Survey Services if this feels the best approach for your business.

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