To a good many of us, GDPR seems like a spectre of doom looming over the horizon. A burden on our businesses that we’ll all have to deal with between now and May 2018.

So you may find it surprising when we tell you it is, in fact, a marketing opportunity.

If we’re honest about it, a good number of us could make improvements to our marketing databases. Do we know who we even have in them? How they ended up in there and what is their attitude towards us?
With almost ⅔ of businesses surveyed by Hubspot last year quoting traffic and lead generation as their biggest marketing challenge, cleaning your database is a really a no brainer.
GDPR is the perfect catalyst for getting on with this job that we’ve either been putting off or wasn’t even on our radar in the first place.
View our webinar to learn more about why you should be cleaning up your database and how you can actually fill it with more of the customers you really want – your raving fans!
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