How to measure the business benefits of team building days

Measure the Benefits of Team Building Activity Days

Chances are that if you’ve ever worked as part of a team, you will have attended a team building day at some point. 

Maybe you were trying to drop an egg from a 58 story building without it smashing?  Perhaps building a bridge out of bits of paper?  Enjoying (more that you probably should) firing a paintball at the back of a colleague?  There are a whole host of choices when it comes to team building activity days.

But what is the point?

A team building day can often be thought of as a ‘bit of a jolly’.  The chance to get out of the office and have fun, maybe a reward for work delivered.  Whilst these are the perceptions of the attendees, somewhere in the organisation (usually the Financial, HR or Managing Director) will be assessing the value add, the business benefit of spending £000s on this type of event.

When thinking of booking a team building event, it’s rarely because they have excess money that needs burning! Some reasons may be:

  • Improving team relationships
  • Employee experience (recognition and retention)
  • Encourage different ways of thinking/problem solving (learning)
  • Assess how teams work together in a different environment
  • Fun (improves employee morale)
Value Add

As a provider of team building or training services to a business, it’s beneficial to think about what management information reporting you are able to generate as part of your services. 

When you are able to offer reporting data, based on the input of their employees, which easily enables them to assess against their business objectives, getting repeat bookings becomes much easier.  You’re doing part of their job for them!

This data is also very useful to demonstrate the value of your approach to prospective clients, and for assessing your internal improvement opportunities.

Make the choice

If two providers were offering similar events at a similar price, but one was able to provide management information reporting demonstrating the event benefits, which would you choose?  Yep, so will they!

Next step

If you need help putting your team building (or training/workshop) MI report offering together, get in touch via

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