Attendee Feedback: How Important is a 100% Response Rate?

Attendee Feedback

Training facilitators can sometimes become a little fixated on ensuring they capture attendee feedback from all of the participants.

The primary purpose of collecting attendee feedback is to be able to continually improve the training, to identify key successes and, of course, be able to demonstrate the benefits to existing and future clients of your services.

But how important is it that EVERYONE responds?

The Pro – Knowing what everyone thinks gives you the full picture

The Con – ‘Forcing’ attendees to complete, who really don’t want to, just encourages a ‘tick the box’ exercise.  This attendee feedback being pointless data that will skew your results.

What is the minimum response rate to aim for?

This of course will depend upon the number of attendees in the room, however an 80% minimum is a good guide.

However, if you have 4 attendees 80% is the same as 100% (3 people being 75%), so some common sense needs to be applied also!

Some ideas for getting higher response rates:
  • Provide options for when to complete eg: at the end of the day, or a couple days later when they’ve had time to digest (and often are more likely to give improved quality comments than on the day)
  • Make it easy – via phone, email – the devices people have at their fingertips every day!
  • Send reminders – only to those who haven’t responded (don’t annoy the rest!)
  • Give a deadline – so it doesn’t get forgotten
  • Make it quick – 2 mins tops!
  • Review the content of your feedback survey – the language, flow, style of question – keeping it simple for attendees.
  • Tell them what you will do with it / why it is important

But remember, it’s more important to get honest, real attendee feedback than to get 100% every time.

If you’re struggling with the the time it takes to assess and manage your workshop feedback, take a look at our Training Provider Package

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